Group 19 hosted it's 25th Annual Squadron Leadership School and Corporate Learning Course on 12-13 November, 2005, at Scott Air Force Base.



Lt. Col. Gale, Group 19 Commander,
during the Opening Ceremony.


                                    Lt. Col. Nielson was the first presenter at SLS with
                                     a talk on the Organization of CAP.  He also gave a talk on Legal & Insurance at the CLC.


Lt. Col. Oeth, Chief of Staff,  gave a talk
on Effective Communication at SLS.


The SLS class.


1st Lt. Miller explaining Professional
Image at SLS.


Capt. Brendel enumerated Safety & Inspection
at the CLC.


Maj. Bunnell explains the Progression
in CAP at SLS.


Lt. Col. Hertel, Wing Deputy Public Affairs Officer,
explained Public Affairs at the CLC.


Geoff Biedermann, State Director,
explained the Liaison Office Structure
to both schools.

Lt. Col. Genge, Group 9 Commander, gave an inspirational
talk about using Aerospace Education as the hook to grab young
people and make them leaders.


Capt. Sublett described the Cadet Program
and Summer Encampment at the SLS.


Capt. Miller explained the Cadet Program to CLC.


Capt. Scherer presented Emergency
Services/Ops to both schools.


Cadet Dismuke explained the
Cadet Advisory Council's role at CLC.


Lt. Col. Gale tried to make Finance
fun to the CLC.


Capt. Hendricksen enlightened the SLS
on Aerospace Education.


Lt. Col. Nielsen explained the Wing's
Training program to the CLC.


Lt. Col. Cunningham, GLR Personel Officer,
explained Admin & Personnel.


Maj. Hommel, USAF, talked about the Air Force
Directorate of Homeland Security to both schools.


Scott Composite Squadron Posting Colors
at the Anniversary Dinner.



Col. Givens with opening comments at the Dinner.



Lt. Col. Schweinler,  MC of the event.

Brig. General Lustig, Vice Cmdr Tanker Airlift Control Center, Scott AFB,
was the Guest Speaker and talked about CAP's role in the hurricane disasters.

Gen. Lustig poses with Scott Composite
Squadron's Color Guard.

Gen. Lustig presents Col. Givens and Lt. Col. Gale with the Wing of Distinction Award.

IL Wing has served our members with distinction by providing quality training and education programs, including the wing level SLS and CLC. Congratulations to IL Wing Group 19 in celebrating 25 years of providing such outstanding programs.


Both schools assembled for Graduation Day.

Gen. Lustig telling the Scott Composite Squadron Color
Guard how good they looked during the Dinner.


Col. Givens congratulating 1st Lt. Esposito for directing the SLS and Capt. Scherer for directing the CLC.